• Napoleon Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB Natural Gas Grill

Grilling has never looked better than it does with the ultra-sleek Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB Natural Gas Grill. This gas grill features a stainless steel body that is durable enough to outlast the years complete with tables on either side for easy access to various plates of ingredients and tools. It features two cabinet drawers behind it that allow you to store your gas grill containers.

This Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB Natural Gas Grill’s main burners are capable of producing 48,000 BTUs of heat per hour to ensure that it is well and thoroughly heated. It comes complete with a stainless steel sear plate that helps provide its even heating thanks to its layered positions. Because of its large 500-square-inch cooking area, it can cook up to 31 burgers at one time, so you can cook for the entire neighborhood. There is also an extra 260-square inch cooking area that is offered by the warming rack for extra space. Finally, there is a 140-square-inch side burner to offer even more space.

This grill has a quick start-up design that will get your grill doing in seconds thanks to the Jetfire Ignition System on each one of the main burners. It also features a back channel found between the burners, so they can light off of one another, ensuring that the grill will be ready to go the first time you light it.

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