• Blackstone Burger Spatula

Blackstone Burger Spatula with Plastic Handle

While grilling, the Blackstone 5047 Burger Spatula gives you a premium tool to use to ensure seamless grilling action. This luxury spatula is perfect for the griller who spends a lot of time in front of the grates, takes their craft seriously and wants a high-quality spatula that won’t give out like cheaper ones eventually do. It features a wide, durable stainless steel food-grade blade that supports the weight of hefty cuts of meat without bending beneath the weight. Its wide body makes it especially useful for flipping burger patties.

The design of the blade makes it the perfect grill scraper once you have finished cooking, as it can easily get beneath food that has been grilled onto the grates and remove it. This spatula boasts a heavy-duty plastic handle that helps you more easily wield and support it. The handle also remains cool to the touch to make using it a safer and more comfortable experience all around.

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